Highland Lodge Trainer Hopeful for Another Racer

Highland Lodge is a remarkable horse and his trainer has another impressive specimen on his roster. James Moffatt is hard at work getting Highland Lodge ready for the big race but he’s not the only hopeful in his stables. This English trainer has made quite the name for himself so far and he’s ready for another famous horse to come out of his yard.

Based in Cartmel, Moffatt has been training horses in his stables since 2003. His father, Dudley Moffatt, founded the stables in 1985 before passing them onto his son. Moffatt is both a jockey and a trainer, something which isn’t too common in the racing world. His entire family have been involved in the sport for generations and he has adapted his style of training over the years.

His horse Strong Resolve seems to be the next horse to carry on the Moffatt name, even though he was only purchased earlier this year. He came from the same Irish based breeder as Highland Lodge and the most striking thing about this young horse is that he is even larger than the massive Highland Lodge.

Moffatt stated that it was too early to tell how Strong Resolve would do but so far the signs are all positive. He said he had a positive disposition and a healthy enthusiasm, which are both great aspects to have even in a young horse.

He’s a well-known trainer and Highland Lodge should serve him well in the upcoming Grand National. This horse has an impressive stature but it also has an impressive track record to boot. In the run up to the Grand National he’s done some amazing things and he’ll be interesting to watch.

Highland Lodge was a winner in the 2015 Becher Chase but just missed out on last year’s National. He has just about secured his place in the race, so you can expect to see him gearing up to Aintree on the 8th of April.

The owner of Strong Resolve, Mark Scott, has proven himself to have a good eye for these horses. He also owns double winner Munsaab, who has also had an excellent season so far. This horse is also Moffatt trained and is one of the contributors to his success. Moffatt’s 2017 season looks to be the best that he’s ever had and he has many horses in the running.

Both Idder and Lough Kent have brought in a total of 11 victories for the trainer, with months of the season still left to go. The trainer has a good run to be sure and the Grand National may just bring him another title. With Highland Lodge going strong and another horse waiting in the wings, this trainer won’t be quiet for long.

For the Grand National, Moffatt has a certain type of horse in mind, the same build as Highland Lodge and Strong Resolve. He said of horses like Idder, they’re good horses but they’re simply not suited for National type races. This is something that some trainers struggle with, as they grow too attached to getting one horse into the race, no matter what terrain they are better with.

These horses make good business sense for the trainer too, as they’re bringing in the cash they need to stay in the game. Although he only has 19 in his stables, he feels that they are doing better than some stables with a lot more horses on their roster. Looking at stables with 50 or 60 horses, he said that the money these horses have to bring in outweighs their value.