7 Random Ways To Pick A Horse

As you've probably already gathered from the title, this is not a ‘serious' guide to picking a Grand National Winner but if you're a ‘once a year punter', fed up of studying ‘form' or just fancy a fun bet, (you could have a ‘serious' one as well), you could do a lot worse than read this.

The most exciting race of the year for many, the Grand National is about as unpredictable as the weather will be on this years race day, Saturday April 11th 2015. No horse can be completely ruled out of this race, so while the ‘experts' are studying weights, ‘form' and ‘distances', were going to take an alternative and more amusing route to picking the winner of the Most Famous Race on Earth.


Pick a horse that is named after someone you know, you might love them or it could be someone you can't stand, it doesn't really matter but it will help you narrow the field. You might know an Oscar (Oscar Time) or even a Bob (Bob Ford) or Al (Al Co)! The royalists amongst you might also take a shine to Duke Of Lucca, Royale Knight or any one of a host of ‘Kings' in the mix including Portrait King and Balthazar King!


Go for a ‘grey' (thats the colour of the horse by the way), this narrows the field dramatically, only 4 ‘greys' have been entered in 2015. They don't have the best record in the race, but Neptune Collonges won in 2012 and King John's Castle was runner up in 2008. These horses could appeal to the ‘grey pound', especially to Senior Citizens looking to replace the income the Chancellor has snatched from them recently! Try and win some of your pension back with Ballycasey or Corrin Wood who both have guaranteed spots this year.


Quite a few entries this year have connections further a field and many have been names after famous places so if you back-packed your way around the world as a student then some of these may be familiar to you. Night In Milan may bring back fond memories of a trip to Italy and Broadway Buffalo could be popular with theatre fans, regular cruise goers will no doubt love Tranquil Sea.


Look for the jockey who's wearing silks (that's his jockey outfit), in your favourite colour and hope he's riding a decent horse. A stat you might like is that all seven of the last winners have had green or yellow in their silks and some even had both. My sister-in-law always picks a horse wearing pink and you'd be amazed by how often she wins!


Another interesting way of picking a horse is by relating it to your job. Anybody working in a bank or in finance may fancy Any Currency and if you work for the Royal Mail The Package may peak your interest. HM Customs inspectors might want to stick a few quid on Super Duty? Or maybe you're a leprechaun and The Rainbow Hunter grabs your fancy!


Whether it's Rocky Creek or Across The Bay, there is plenty of ‘outdoorsie' options for those of you who like nothing better then getting out in the fresh air and admiring the work of Mother Nature. Many Clouds, River Choice, Tranquil Sea and Wyck Hill are just a few of potential runners who amy inspire you to don the wellies and go for a country walk!


If all else fails then ask Red Rum to pick a winner for you – try our interactive Rummy, he'll come up with great tip in seconds – try it here.

Place your bet with a bookie who is offering Free Bets, there will probably be some conditions. Betfair are giving a Free 30 Pound bet if you open an account on line and stake £10 of you're own money. It wont feel half as bad if you lose using someone else's cash and as they pay out on the first 5 horses (instead of the usual 4) you have a better chance of collecting some cash.