Sweepstakes Kit

The 2015 Grand National Sweepstakes will be online the week of the race. We will have two options for you so you can pick between the Racing Post sweepstakes kit or the Paddy Power one. Personally I think the Racing Post one is a little bit better.

Firstly you need to download one of the kits – click a button below and then read on to learn how it works.


Alternative Sweepstake Kit…



So, get out there and grab yourself 40 or so mates. In this internet-savvy world, talking to real people is scary, but you can do it. Of course 40 is a lot so rope in a few of the bodies from Finance or Legal and throw their names in the hat. It doesn’t matter if you don’t particularly get on, in fact that probably makes potentially winning money off them even sweeter.

Here’s how it’s done…

  • Simply print off these two sheets you downloaded.
  • Cut out the horses’ names on the boxes. Probably best to do this at home or else some jobsworth in HR might get you to do out a Health and Safety form.
  • Put these bits of paper in a container (one that’s not full of Guinness)
  • Let your friends, office colleagues, family members or drinking buddies pick one each
  • Then write the name of the person beside their assigned horse
  • Throw some money in the pot and that goes to the winner. Maybe pocket a few quid yourself, after all you did organise the thing.

It’s important that you sell all the horses in the box and you may need to twist arms to get rid of them all depending on the size of your office! Once you’ve got rid of all the horses you can sit back and enjoy the race. You can divide up the prize money anyway you like, just make people aware of the prizes before you sell them a horses name.

We suggest a good way to split the prize money is 50% for the person with the winning horse, 25% for the second place, 15% for 3rd place and 10% for 4th place e.g. 40 horses at £2 each = £ 80. Prize money is 1st place £40, 2nd place £20, 3rd place £12 and 4th place £8.

You could also decide to donate a portion of the money raised to a local charity or good cause. The Injured Jockeys Fund would be a great charity to choose.