Singlefarmpayment Offers Hope For The Future

The dust has now settled on the 2019 Grand National. So it is always worth looking back at the runners who finished down the field. Some showed great promise for the 2020 Grand National or for other big races that are a little closer. There are some horses you could pull out and pick from this year’s running, one of which is Singlefarmpayment.

Trained by Tom George, he impressed with the way he took to the new task ahead of him. And he would be of interest if coming back in 2020 for another shot with the experience under his belt.

Now the first thing to say here is that Singlefarmpayment is not the most straight forward of horses. He isn’t a horse you should be putting your full trust in that is for sure. However, there was a lot to like about what he did at Aintree. And there are a couple of reasons why he will be a better horse next time around. This was a completely new test for him, and going to the Grand National without experience is tough. Because of that you can expect him to improve for the race.

The first thing to note was his jumping. This was the first time he had ran over the big fences, with just home schooling behind him. But there is no substitute for running a race over these fences. He made a couple of small errors during the race, but nothing too major and nothing that harmed his chances. His jumping was good, and next time out I would expect it to be even better.

The course is a lot easier to jump than it was a decade ago, but that shouldn’t take anything away from those who jump around well, just like this horse.

The second thing to note was his stamina, which showed no signs of fading on him. This was the first time he had ran over such an extreme distance. While it looked as though he could stay, there were no guarantees about that, and it was nice to see him see out the trip well.

This horse is usually held up off the pace, and he travels beautifully into a race. So he is tailor-made for a race like this one, which is a stamina test but also one race at a decent pace. From what we saw this year, there are no stamina concerns about his horse. If he does come back next year then the horse can be ridden a little harder as they know that he stays the trip now, something they didn’t know before.

Overall, I thought it was a really nice performance from Singlefarmpayment and he is one of the few horses to take out of this race. He finished in 8th place under jockey Paddy Brennan. Winning doesn’t come easy to him, which we have seen in the past, but there is no doubt he is capable of running well over a big test like this.