The Grand National is just around the corner and racing punters are already on the lookout for all the insider tips and additional stats they can find. Once every horse racing app, news site, and tipster column has been trawled, all that’s left to do is to pick the horses they view as being sure-fire winners.

However, there are other ways in which lovers of equestrianism can get ahead. That is by playing classic online games, many of which instill the necessary mindsets and tactical approaches that can pay dividends on race day.

Here are some of the ways in which classic games can open a horse lovers’ eyes to a new way of spectating the long noses.

Competition Field Size Matters, As Does Bankroll Management

Many classic games have become so popular online that tournament fields can swell well into the hundreds or even thousands.

While the Grand National only boasts 40 runners, that is still a lot of variance to have to deal with when thinking about which horse to plump for on race day.

The same is true in an online chess competition or a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, with smart players usually trying to search for soft fields and guarantees on how beneficial it will be to join in.

The same is true of horse racing, with the Grand National probably not being the best race to grow bold in, and to place all your eggs in one basket due to just how many potential winners there are.

Another place where there is overlap between classic games and horse racing is bankroll management. After all, the last thing someone wants to do on race day is be left with no funds before the biggest race of the day has even begun. The same applies in poker games, where smart bankroll management is key to players getting as much enjoyment out of their experience as possible.

Plot As Far Into The Future As Possible

Obviously, if everyone had a crystal ball from which they could see the future, horse racing and online gaming alike would all become rather boring.

However, the beauty of both is that there are some future variables that players and fans can determine, which in turn will give hints about how a race may pan out or how an opponent might react to a certain move down the line.

Thinking as many moves ahead as possible is particularly key in games like backgammon and chequers, as good players will always know the various starting moves their opponents may make but can come unstuck later in a game once things become more complex, and moves have to be made in the spur of the moment.

Horse racing fans will find that playing such games will reinforce the mindset of preparing in advance as much as possible and that will, in turn, lead to more regular success.

Ways in which racing punters can get a handle on the future is to check which horses have to travel the furthest to get to a race, what the weather may be like in the leadup to race day, and how that will affect each runner’s performance, as well as checking in on jockeys on social media, to see if they are fighting fit or under the weather.

Think With Your Head And Not Your Heart

One of the best things that online games can teach a horse racing fanatic is to remember not to let their enjoyment of a race or game interfere with their decision making.

Ultimately, no matter how much your emotions will something to happen, only tangible probabilities and real-world consequences will decide whether a poker pro, chess grandmaster or horse wins the day.