Computer with bet button

Betting online might seem confusing at first, but in reality, it’s much easier than placing a bet in the bookmaker’s shop. Firstly we suggest that you join Paddy Power online, because they offer new customers a BONUS BET deal and secondly they usually pay-out on 5 places on the National, most other bookmakers only pay-out 4 places.

So, How Do You Bet Online? The best way for me to explain is by showing you! Just watch the easy to follow video guide below. The first video shows you how to join Paddy Power and register as a customer – that’s the important first step. The second video (click here) shows you how to place the most popular type of Grand National bet (EACH WAY) with Paddy Power.


As you can see from the video it only takes two minutes to get registered with Paddy Power, you can deposit money to your account with a UK debit/credit card and you can also deposit with PAYPAL. Winnings can then be withdrawn onto your cards or PAYPAL account.



It’s a good question, no one wants to be handing over their Credit Card details to just anyone. Firstly let me say that we suggest you use a reputable online bookmaker like Paddy Power. They’re one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and Ireland and are regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission under a licence issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act.

All transactions made with Paddy Power are encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption. This means that every piece of information you enter will be garbled so that, in the unlikely event that it does fall into the wrong hands, any information you’ve entered will be unreadable.

Paddy Power regularly has an independent PCI certification company audit its systems. Paddy Power is PCI compliant, meaning that the systems have been independently certified as safe. Data protection is about your fundamental right to privacy. Paddy Power recognises, respects, adheres to and values that right and they will ensure that the data that you provide them with, is safe. They don’t share data with any third party for marketing purposes.

If you are logged into your Paddy Power account for thirty minutes without using it the system will automatically log you out for security reasons. We recommend that you change your password every four to six months. Your password should be unique (a mixture of numbers, letters and characters) and known only to you.

Paddy Power also recommends that you run regular scans of your PC to ensure that it is protected from the latest viruses to ensure that your account cannot become vulnerable that way.