A Champion Jockey’s Diet

Ever wondered how a champion jockey maintains his/her weight for the big races? It’s not easy, as anyone who’s ever tried to lose a couple of pounds knows, and certainly not many of us have our careers resting on whether or not we have a bag of chips for our tea which means that pressure is enormous and the discipline is more than admirable.

While most men in Britain devour around 3,000 calories a day and women consume up to 2,000 calories amazingly, jockeys manage to stay fit and healthy on less than 1,000 calories per day!! Not an easy thing to do which is why the racing industry has produced The Jockey Diet in order to help them out.

Top jockeys, including Frankie Dettori, have donated their favourite low-calorie recipes and the meals, of between just 300 and 500 calories per serving, were chosen by Dettori, Hayley Turner, Ryan Moore, Richard Johnson and Paul Hanagan.

Like all professional jockeys they have to maintain a certain weight for races and are constantly checking the scales. Over the years, these top riders have all developed favourite recipes for meals that are quick to make and are extremely low in calories.

So if you want to check out with the top professionals are chomping for their dinner and you fancy knowing how to make incredibly yummy meals for as little as 300 calories then check out The Jockey Diet recipes at Love The Races. Just click here!