Ian Popham

It was actually amazing that jockey Ian Popham was able to ride in the 2013 Grand National given that he was unseated from the Martin Keighley-trained Oyster Hill in October 2012 which resulted in him breaking his pelvis in four places!

To make matters even worse, it was the second time he’d done it, having previously broken his pelvis in three places in September 2011 and had just returned to action when the second incident occurred.

Recalling the event to The Telegraph Popham said “I was always determined to come back again and, actually, the more others doubted me the more I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

“Never for a moment did I think ‘that’s it’.

“In hospital there’s always someone worse off than you in the grand scheme and I’d go into Oaksey House and see Isabel Tompsett [who suffered serious head injuries in a fall in May 2011] every day knowing what she had been through. She was a great inspiration.”

And in a story of true resilience and determination, it didn’t stop him and when he returned to action in January he did it in style to ride two winners in his first three rides back.

In 2013 he paired up with the Martin Keighley trained Any Currency and managed to get home as the last of the finishers in 17th spot.