Michael Owen Turns Jockey For Charity

The life of an international footballer may be very glamorous and lucrative but when your chosen career more or less comes to a grinding halt when you reach your mid-thirties, what are the plans for the rest of your life?

In the case of Michael Owen, the transition to the world of horse racing has been pretty much seamless as his interest in the sport preceded his retirement and with a hugely successful stable yard to his name, it now appears that he plans to turn his hand to actually riding the horses.

I should caveat that last sentence by stating that he plans to ride one horse, one time and for charity so I think that A.P. McCoy and Ruby Walsh don’t need to start sweating just yet!

Owen said “I’d like to ride in a race for charity. I’ve just dusted down one of my first ever horses called Speciali, so he’s back at the yard now and my wife’s going to teach me the basics of how to sit and how to stop and how to move left and right and everything else.

“Then once I’ve done a month or so of that I might pop to Manor House and let Tom [Dascombe] get his hands on me and learn the next stage of the process before I hopefully next year take part in one of them races.”

If he’s adapt at horse racing as he was at football then maybe he shouldn’t under estimate himself so much and we have no doubt that his charitable exploits will bring a lot of attention, and hopefully a lot of fund raiser pounds for the charity of his choice!

Photo Credit | Meteorshoweryn